26 August, 2011

Summer wrap-up part 3: Provincial TT and Pre-cyclocross musings

Part 3/3 of the recap of my Summer racing and training...

Ontario Provincial TT Championship

This would be the last of my racing efforts for the pre-cyclocross season. I had a few more

weeks of training since the Binbrook TT and really hoped to put in a good ride. That all fell apart about 15 km into the race.

I don't know exactly what the problem is/was, but some residual tightness in my hips causes some misalignment and on the TT bike where the saddle is not as supportive this is exaggerated. The result was a lot of pain on the bike even when not really going that hard, never mind pushing a TT effort. By lap 2 of the course I was not even trying, worried that I'd injure myself further jeopardizing the rest of my season.

The published splits tell a lot - my first 20 km in 28:38, 12th place. That was with a significant drop in effort for the last 5 km. Lap 2 I pretty much shut it down, bringing my total time up to 1:00.01 and 17th place. It was not the result I was looking for, but that was largely outside of my control. I really should have stayed on top of tightness and asymmetry leading up to the event but had never had such a problem as a result to indicate it was this much of an issue.

Preparation for Cross Season

With the TT behind me, everything now is working toward cyclocross. Training is going as planned, with a couple weeknight mtb races and club rides for intensity and lots of cyclocross practice.

Also taking up a lot of time is planning for my race, the Firemen's Park Cross. Being my first time organizing a race, there is lots to learn but so far it's been a pretty smooth process. It appears everything is going to go off successfully. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and the course, and that this event can become an annual thing in one form or another.

My schedule for the fall is posted, including some events I'm not 100% sure I'll be doing. In any case that's the core of it, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the races and getting back into the whole cross season routine.


Look for more updates soon, as I have an interesting development in the way of competition with the one and only Chandler Delinks.

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