31 December, 2010

2010 Season Recap

I've finally given in and admitted I'm never going to write all the race reports for the 2010 cross campaign. Given that, rather than letting this blog die I'll recap 2010 in this post and start again with 2011.

I didn't realize it until toward the end of the year, but 2010 seemed to be the year of the DNF for me:
- First with Good Friday which was unseasonably hot - combine that with racing poorly and having to chase on within the first lap and it didn't take long to pop. Rode lap 2 in a small chase group, then we collectively pulled the plug.
- Next DNF was Albion, where I was having a good race until a crash in a muddy ditch. I have crashed many times and not DNF'd, so I guess this one was hard enough? My front shifting was also gone after this and doing another 2 laps in the small chainring didn't seem like a great option at the time.
- The Hardwood Canada Cup was another hot day. Very hot. I was not the only one suffering, and maybe it wasn't that bad but by lap 3 I was riding so sloppy on account of fatigue that I nearly washed out in every corner and had a few too many close encounters with trees. I was really concerned I was going to hurt myself if I continued.
- I drove 750 km to Vermont for the Green Mountain Cyclocross weekend, and managed to DNF Day 1. It was also unseasonably warm (noticing a trend?) but I was theoretically already accustomed to that after a good race in hotter weather the week before. This time, however I went out too hard on a hilly course, then managed to get crashed out by someone on the descent, at which point I basically stopped racing despite wanting to continue. At least Day 2 was better.
- At Ontario cross Provincials it was another case of going out way too hard. I started hard, attacked my group to get to the next one, then attacked again but when I got to the top of the climb I pulled over and dry heaved for a bit. Rode another lap and decided to cut my losses. Good training, maybe? Probably not.
- Kissing Bridge cross: out of shape and just couldn't bring myself to keep climbing that hill every lap. Definitely a low point in the season.
- Riverdale cross was going really well for a couple laps, and then I crashed hard on the descent, bouncing off of my shin hard enough that I couldn't pedal for awhile after. It was just bruised, but enough to get me off the bike.

That sounds like a lot of excuses. I can't say I regret too many of these, but it gave me some ideas of things to work on.

Aside from that it was a fairly successful season overall. Mechanicals were few and never very serious. I didn't have any huge results, but there were definitely some highlights to my cross season. Gloucester Day 1 felt like the ride of my life, and I think there's room to do better (not just with training/fitness, but how I raced it too). Nationals went about as well as I could have hoped and I also managed to have a good race in Buffalo the next day as well. Cross season was successful enough that I can say I want to do it again very similarly next year, just harder, better, faster, stronger (that's right, I found a way to slip in a DAFT PUNK REFERENCE).

I don't have too much more to say about 2010 before moving on to the present, but I have to thank everyone who helped me along the way this season. Sponsors, coaching, friends, training partners. It all plays a huge role in making this kind of progress. THANK YOU.

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