07 June, 2009

Race Report: Boler Mountain O-Cup

...and what a mountain it is. Any of you who have been to Boler know that I'm being extremely sarcastic. Gotta love the ski bump in the middle of suburbia. Actually, I was thinking after Saturday's preride that I don't really care for Boler as much as I thought I did, but what I found out today is that it's much better at race pace.

The race went well - had a great start hanging on to the back of a front group of 10 until the first singletrack climb where I lost a couple spots. More passed, but the front group was within sight for most of lap 1 on any open sections.

Lap 2 slowed down, but not too many people went by, and I was riding smoothly. Lap 3 saw a bit of a mishap with a saddle tilt issue, but even though I pulled over to tighten it I did not lose any spots this lap. I was back and forth with one guy and decided once we got up top for the final time that I needed to drop him on the open doubletrack section - turns out I put 40 seconds on him in the last ~2km :) I chased a couple of Juniors for the last km, and though I didn't catch them finished up strong.

19th place, and 87.6 upgrade points. This is in the range of points needed on a per/race basis to make the cutoff for an upgrade to Expert. If I can keep this trend going, I will have the option to start next year in Senior Ex. Another great thing about the race today is that I don't have another planned until the next XC O-Cup. After 9 consecutive weekends of racing, I finally get a break. Time for the mid-season transition period and the start of the build cycles leading up to a peak for cross season.

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