28 July, 2008

Race Report: Duke’s Cycle Summer Epic 8h

My weekend in point form:

  • Friday preride – great conditions despite the rain all week, indicating how well it would deal with the rain that was to come. The course was fun and gave me the impression that it would be easy and fast at first, but would become tougher as fatigue set in.
  • Camping overnight – I forgot a sleeping bag, so it was a cold and fairly restless night. One would have thought the end of July would be warmer, but it was really a silly mistake.
  • Race morning – it had rained a bit early in the morning, and the skys were very uncertain looking. For me the worst part of riding in the rain is the havoc it plays on the bike – Eva’s comment about wet sand and my non-singlespeed drivetrain would return to mind later on in the day when I had a dropped chain and some chain suck.
  • The race – overall it was good, putting out a very average 12 laps in the duo category. I’d hoped to ride 7, but 6 was fine with me, especially after a little encounter with a tree on my last lap.
  • Post race – a trip to the highly recommended (by Evan) Barrie Burger. I will say it lived up to the hype, and was indeed a great post race stop. Too bad they’re closed on Sundays (i.e. most race days).
I’ll likely be taking a bit of a break from racing now, and look forward to seeing everyone at the U-Cups in September.

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