17 September, 2007

U-Cup Races!

This update is long overdue, but with school starting and all the things that go with it, I've been busy. One thing that has been occupying my time is the continuing mountain bike racing season, particularly the Ontario University Cup race series which began on the weekend. UW had a good showing, and we captured 2 podium places with Logan Tacoma taking 3rd place in the Men's A division, and Brandon Tulloch 1st in Men's B. Check out him and the awesome new UW kit he's wearing:My results were less eventful with some flats during the crit event, chain suck during the TT and a mediocre performance in the XC race (though the bike held up for that one!) The weather was cold and rainy on Saturday, but we all beared through it. Despite a nice fire to warm ourselves by, the night was rather cold after retiring to our tents. Sunday was nice though, with sun and rising temperatures for the XC race. All said, I had fun and have some pictures of my hilarious crash on a large drop. Here's the before:and after:Next race is this Sunday, 23 Sept. at Hardwood Hills, which I'm currently trying to prepare my body and my bike for.

I've also just had my first shift as a volunteer at the UW Bicycle Centre, which was interesting and a bit crazy as well. I guess I was expecting a lot of people who knew what they were doing to just come in for a place to wrench on their bikes with the luxury of a full shop - instead we get mostly people who have no idea what is wrong, but they have some sort of problem. My shift is weekly from 11:30 to 13:30 on Mondays, so feel free to come pay me a visit. Other hours are as posted, and I'm often going to be there to work on my bike during other hours so just drop in and meet other gearheads if you so choose.

To keep this from entirely becoming a cycling blog, I'll mention that school has started, which seems alright - good classes and good professors for the most part. I'll probably have more to say when I'm buried in assignments (which I suppose has started), but most interesting so far seem to be my Metabolism course and Numerical Methods. I still need to see if I can get a copy of MATLAB that will run in OS X... and that I don't have to pay for, of course ;)

More frequent updates should follow, though I won't make any promises. I will hopefully not abandon this though, like I have any time I've tried anything blog-like before.

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